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About the plant

LLC "Plant of sealing materials" is one of the largest manufacturers of incon-gealable self-adhesive sealants in Russia.

The high scientific and technical potential of our staff in combination with the ex-perimental  laboratory base of the enterprise allows to improve constantly the  products' quality , to master new updatings of sealing materials quickly.

At present we produce sealants of Abris type (the patent ¹2117685) which have been worked up with the purpose of improoving of technical and operational char-acteristics of sealants such as Guerlen, Vicar, Vicoplast.

The incongealable sealing material Abris is applied:

  • In construction for sealing of metal, beton, brick, wooden, glass, poly-meric and other surfaces;
  • In construction and repair of oil and gas pipelines and heating systems;
  • In mechanical engineering; in aircraft industry and shipbuilding.

The quality of produced sealants is confirmed with a number of Scientific and technical centers, by the project institute "PROJECT - KHIMZASCHITA", the Moscow scientific research institute of design typology and expert designing (MNIITEP), "the Scientific research institute of natural gases and gas technolo-gies - VNIIGAZ", Academy of municipal services in the name of  K.D.Pamfilov and others. The right to produce building sealants and mastics is confirmed with the State license.

The enterprise provides a wide choice of:

  • sealants' types;
  • sealants' colors; consignment size;
  • how often goods are delivered.

Execution of special orders is possible: producing of sealants with additional prop-erties (biocyde, current-carrying, thermoexpansible). Thus sealants' quality re-mains at a traditionally high level.

Material's advantages:

  • Exploitation reliability and durability;
  • High stability to deformations; high atmospheric resistibility;
  • High gas and water impenetrability;
  • High frost resistance, flexibility and elasticity at temperature up to -60°Ñ;
  • Temperature of exploitation from-60°Ñ up to + 180°Ñ;
  • High adhesion to various materials;
  • Compatibility with various paints and plasters;
  • High thixotropic properties, i.e. sealant's ability not to flow down from a vertical surface;
  • High adaptability to manufacture, absence of material's losses ;
  • Profitability;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Working life not less than 12 years.

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Nizhniy Novgorod Region,
606008 Dzerzhinsk,
Vostochniy Settlement
+7 (8313) 27-50-78,
+7 (8313) 27-52-95,
+7 (8313) 27-55-87

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