• 16.02.2010

Exhibition "Russian Construction Materials - 2010"

Russian construction materials are efficient production technologies, quality and reliability.

Sealing Materials Plant presented its innovations and achievements at the exhibition.


Abris Ws protects basements and garages from groundwater; Abris VRP is a new material for priming, dedusting, preparing the working surfaces of window blocks and inter-panel seams for sealing. The material Abris M, made in the form of two modifications: Abris Ms and Abris Mx. Abris Rz can be used for the equipment of medical X-ray rooms, in the decoration of premises of enterprises whose work is associated with radiation, as well as in the manufacture of stationary, mobile and individual radiation protection equipment. It can protect medical and industrial radiation equipment from aggressive radiation. Self-adhesive waterproofing spline Abris S-DB, designed for waterproofing working joints in concrete structures that are permanently or temporarily exposed to surface groundwater or wastewater.

In addition, a large range of products with various properties was presented at the exhibition stand of the enterprise: electrically conductive and semi-conductive materials, sealants with dielectric properties, oil-resistant, gasoline-resistant, materials resistant to aggressive environments, bio-resistant, environmentally friendly, non-flammable synthetic materials, materials with high gas and steam resistance. Abris sealing technologies work reliably under vibration load conditions, which allowed us to gain experience in the application Abris technologies and materials in the gas, oil, nuclear, chemical, electrical, food industries, various areas of the agro-industrial complex.

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