Advance to the East!

  • 24.09.2014

Representatives of the plant returned from Irkutsk, the sixth largest city in Eastern Siberia.

There is a question - there is an answer!

  • 22.07.2014

The specialists of the Sealing Materials Plant have returned from a business trip that took place in Moscow at one of the design institutes.

The Sealing Materials Plant expands the circle of business partners in the Perm Territory

  • 29.05.2014

Within the framework of the visit of the delegation of the Perm Territory to the Nizhny Novgorod Region, a business meeting was held between the specialists of the marketing department and the heads of Perm enterprises.

Motor rally "Volga Region 2014"

  • 15.05.2014

In April, Sealing Materials Plant participated in a rally in the cities of the Volga region, which in total amounted to more than 4000 km.

Links of one chain

  • 24.03.2014

One of the components of successful work and a good reputation of almost any enterprise is not only its direct activity, but also the reliability of suppliers.

OSM - 2014

  • 12.02.2014

ZGM took part in the specialized exhibition «OSM-2014», which was held in Moscow.

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