• 26.08.2015

ZGM made an offer to "communal workers"...

The city administration holds a weekly meeting on current issues in the housing sector. All municipal services of the city take part in it: management companies, heat, water, gas supply organizations, as well as enterprises specializing in servicing the housing stock.

ZGM made an offer to

Specialists of ZGM LLC were invited to the meeting, who spoke to the heads of the above organizations with the presentation of Abris materials. Now the communal services have a “hot” time - the preparation of communications and buildings for the heating season is at the final stage, and our information sounded very relevant and “targeted”.

Representatives of the plant spoke about the effectiveness and benefits of using Abris sealants: in interpanel joints, when installing sandwich panels, for waterproofing foundations, in repairing roofs and protecting pipelines from corrosion. The information was listened to with great professional interes. 

During the discussion, a proposal was made from one of the public utilities - to lay the need for the use of Abris materials at the stage of design work, in particular, as part of the program for the overhaul of residential buildings. This would initially regulate the use of a particular type of sealant.

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