• 06.10.2017

Fireworks of New Year's souvenirs

Our company always reacts to the positive needs and good impulses of people, especially on the eve of the holidays.

Fireworks of New Year's souvenirs

New Year's holiday time in our perception is strongly associated with bright gifts, surprises and souvenirs. The plant has developed and manufactured a wide range of souvenirs, including those with actual New Year symbols.

Of course, all of the above items serve the purpose of advertising support for our main product - materials of the Abris series, which does not exclude their use, at your request, gentlemen, businessmen, as an advertising medium for any product.


We bring to your attention:

  • EMI protective block;
  • coasters;
  • perpetual calendar;
  • game “Tic-tac-toe;
  • • game "Chess".

At the same time, EMI protective blocks and bonfires aim to protect a person from the adverse effects of the environment (scattering electromagnetic radiation, improving the structure of water, etc.). And, finally, such souvenir products can become a good sign of attention, a pleasant surprise, a keepsake and a reason for an exciting light game. We are waiting for your orders directly from our website! Hurry to be on time. Time for the New Year is flying fast!

Fireworks of New Year's souvenirs

Fireworks of New Year's souvenirs

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