• 11.08.2017

New of the year! Butyl sealant Abris in cartridges for a construction gun

Non-curing sealants of the Abris series have a set of unique properties, making them indispensable in solving a number of problems in the construction, oil and gas pipeline, aviation and many other industries.

New of the year! Butyl sealant Abris in cartridges for a construction gun

Until recently, only foreign butyl sealants were present on the building materials market, supplied in tubes (cartridges) for use in combination with construction guns. Specialists of the scientific and technical center of ZGM LLC have developed our Russian analogue of sealant in tubes for a construction gun. All material properties are preserved and the price is reduced. To date, the material has passed all tests.

Sealant Abris RS in tubes for a construction gun is a high-quality, non-curing, paste-like mixture of a drying type based on a polymer binder. The material has good self-adhesive ability to any dry surfaces and high anti-corrosion properties. It differs in high physical stability at influence of weather factors. Application area :


Sealing and sealing joints, seams and cracks:

  • sealing of lock joints of sandwich panels;
  • sealing of joints with an overlap of a roof from a professional flooring, corrugated metal;
  • sealing of glazing of greenhouses, conservatories;
  • sealing of PIR thermal insulation boards;
  • sealing of heat-insulating plates and foam glass shells.

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