Prefabricated and high-quality radiation protection

  • 18.09.2020

Technologies using penetrating radiation are firmly used in science, technology, medicine and other sectors of the economy.

Everything ingenious for ZGM is simple!

  • 02.07.2020

The products of our company are used in all industries.

Abris barite panels in the arsenal of pandemic remedies

  • 07.05.2020

The theme of the fight for human health, relevant at all times, is on the agenda today more than ever.

ZGM at a meeting with representatives of the Japanese delegation

  • 20.02.2020

In January of this year, our plant received a letter from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. The letter proposed to take part in the meeting of the leading enterprises of our region with the delegation of Japanese business circles "Keidanren".

Sealing materials Abris for country houses

  • 19.02.2020

Extensive experience of participation of our company in various construction exhibitions shows that in our class of non-curing sealants for low-rise housing construction, we occupy one of the leading positions in the Russian market.

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