• 27.12.2021

About Abris products and ZGM activities in the program "Buy Nizhny Novgorod"

"Active life position" - a phrase characterizing the Plant of sealing materials.

About Abris products and ZGM activities in the program

The aspirations and developments of the company's staff are aimed at the benefit of society, and we tell the truth about this. Most recently, a story was released in the Buy Nizhny Novgorod project - a program on consumer goods that introduces consumers to a range of high-quality and environmentally friendly products manufactured in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Abris materials are a reliable protection against the negative impact of natural and man-made factors, they are used in all industries, they have unique special properties (frost-resistant, slow-burning, thermally expanding, oil-resistant, etc.). The plant's products have been repeatedly tested for quality, have a number of advantages, the consumer properties of Abris sealants are evaluated in the market of import-substituting materials. Do you want to know more about us? Watch the program "Buy Nizhny Novgorod".

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