• 16.03.2022

Vertical blinds Abris in the list of "100 best goods in Russia"

Since 2005, the Sealing Materials Plant has been participating in the All-Russian competition of the program "100 best goods of Russia", the company's products have repeatedly won.

Vertical blinds Abris in the list of

Last year, an innovative product Vertical blinds Abris from various types of radiation in the category "Industrial and technical products" was presented at the competition.

Vertical blinds Abris are designed to protect window openings, other building structures (glass partitions, doorways, etc.), protect personnel and the public from electromagnetic radiation of the radio frequency range and X-ray radiation in medical, research facilities, as well as residential and industrial buildings.

According to the results of the competition, Sealing Materials Plant was awarded the diploma of the Winner of the competition "100 best goods of Russia".

All participants of the competition were also presented with a Declaration of Quality, which confirms the right to use the trademark "100 best goods of Russia" for informational and advertising purposes, including ZGM in relation to the product Vertical blinds Outline from various types of radiation.

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