• 17.07.2007

International Maritime Defense Show "IMDS-2007" in St. Petersburg

From June 27 to July 1, 2007, the third International Naval Salon "IMDS-2007" was held in St. Petersburg. Representatives of 78 countries were invited to participate in this grandiose event.

International Maritime Defense Show

The main purpose of the salon was to demonstrate the capabilities of Russian enterprises in the design and production of naval equipment, weapons, component systems and elements in order to further develop international cooperation and cooperation, increase the supply of military products.

Our company presented a set of materials and technologies that protects ship and port structures and communications from corrosion, from leaks and sea water, from adverse factors. The visitors of the salon were especially interested in the technologies of waterproofing, sealing and waterproofing of building structures and structures, ship structures and units using materials Abris.

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