• 29.03.2019

Abris in the format of an international conference showed an excellent result

At the end of March, the plant's specialists participated in the 11th International Conference in Egypt on the topic: “Nanotechnologies in construction. Ecological and rational construction”.

Abris in the format of an international conference showed an excellent result

The weighty international format of the conference was ensured by the participation, in addition to Egyptian scientists and specialists, of representatives of companies and research centers from Western Europe, the Baltic States and Russia. It's nice that the delegation from our country was second in composition after Egypt - the hostess of the forum. The obvious ecological aspect dominated the problems of most of the reports. The title of our scientific report was: "Investigation of the effect of carbon nanomaterials brand" Taunit "on the physical and mechanical properties of polymer composite materials of the Abris series."

The essence of research. In the course of the experimental work, the patterns of changes in the physicochemical properties of products Abris were studied depending on the amount and method of introduction of carbon nanotubes. Options for the introduction of nanoparticles were considered, as well as studies were carried out on the effect of the addition of "Taunit-M" on the specific volumetric electrical resistance of a number of materials. A number of important conclusions were made.  The results are of a preliminary evaluation nature and require further development of the means of activating the components of these components. As for the environmental aspect, thanks to the “clean technologies” originally incorporated in the production of Abris sealants, we fully corresponded to the environmental trend in this indicator. The rector of the Egyptian State University noted the high quality of the report, the scientific depth, novelty and practical importance of the studies presented by the sealing materials plant.

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