• 19.11.2019

Frost-resistant sealants Abris

Cold weather is not a reason to stop construction and insulation work. In this regard, in order to solve the issues of sealing at low temperatures, a frost-resistant series of materials Abris has been developed at the ZGM.

Frost-resistant sealants Abris

For Russia, the most urgent task is to provide various sectors of the economy with frost-resistant materials, since most of the country is located in the continental and sharply continental climate zone, and significant territories are located in the Far North. It is well known that at negative temperatures, most sealing materials lose or significantly reduce their consumer properties. To solve the issues of sealing at low temperatures at the ZGM, a frost-resistant series of materials Abris has been developed, which includes: sealants Abris Sm (application up to -20°С) and mastic Abris Rs (application up to -15°С); anticorrosive materials Abris S-T (application up to -30°C) and cuff Abris S-T (application up to -20°C).

When sealing various building structures and anticorrosive protection of steel product pipelines, containers, tanks, frost-resistant materials retain plasticity and good stickiness to cold surfaces. This is their main advantage over most butyl, silicone and polyurethane sealants that operate at temperatures of +5ºC and above. Frost-resistant sealants are produced in various designs: in the form of parts, tapes, cords, in cartridges and file packages.

Frost-resistant sealants Abris


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