• 19.02.2020

Sealing materials Abris for country houses

Extensive experience of participation of our company in various construction exhibitions shows that in our class of non-curing sealants for low-rise housing construction, we occupy one of the leading positions in the Russian market.

Sealing materials Abris for country houses

Buyers of our products emphasize the unique consumer properties and high quality of Abris series sealants. Almost any part of the house needs the use of sealing technologies with Abris materials: when waterproofing the foundation is required, both cut-off and coating, or reliable installation of windows through which it does not blow, and mold is excluded due to bioprotective properties.

The tasks of sealing the roof at the junction, as well as sealing the interventional seams in wooden houses, always remain extremely relevant. In these matters, Abris is almost indispensable. Rich opportunities for choosing the necessary materials are provided by our website and qualified consultations of the plant's specialists. Abris materials are produced in the form of ribbons, cords, parts, file packages; mastics - in cans, under a spatula and a brush, there are also modifications for a mounting gun. All for your convenience.

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