• 01.03.2021

Repair kit Abris for home and garden

In the house, in the garden, in the garage, in the car, there is always work for the real owner.

Repair kit Abris for home and garden

The Abris repair kit has a number of advantages:

  • speed of work execution;
  • profitability;
  • reliability and durability;
  • you will be able to make repairs quickly, avoiding the complete replacement of damaged areas;
  • materials in the kit provide reliable and long-term sealing.

Repair kit Abris should be in the arsenal of every owner!

Everything needs proper attention and timely care. To help our clients-masters, we have prepared the Abris Repair Kit - a repair "first aid kit" for home and summer cottages. With its help, you can easily eliminate leaks and protect pipes from corrosion, repair cracks and breaks, make minor repairs to a car, greenhouses, balconies, etc.

The repair kit includes a set of sealing materials Abris:

  1. Tape Abris S-LTf 50 * 2 - 5 meters. This is a self-adhesive tape, which is coated on one side with anti-adhesive material, on the other side reinforced with aluminum foil. Due to the foil coating, the material is resistant to ultraviolet radiation;
  2. Tape Abris S-LTnp 50 * 2 - 5 meters. Sealant in the form of a self-adhesive tape, which is covered on one side with an anti-adhesive material, on the other with a non-woven fabric. On the side reinforced with non-woven fabric, plaster, paint, putty can be applied;
  3. Tape Abris S-LB 25 * 2 - 5 meters. Sealant in the form of a self-adhesive tape, which is coated on both sides with an anti-adhesive material;
  4. Cartridge Abris RS for a construction gun - 1 piece. Mastic (sealant) Abris RS is a high-quality, non-curing, paste-like mixture of a drying type based on a polymer binder, contains a solvent - no more than 10% of the mass.

In the kit you will find everything you need to carry out the work: a pair of gloves, a knife, a pressure roller, wet wipes and promotional materials. You can familiarize yourself with the technology of using sealing materials in the accompanying promotional materials.


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