• 07.04.2021

Repair materials for cable and wire products

Abris series materials are used in various industries. The production of sealants for the cable and electrical industries is a significant percentage of the total output.

Repair materials for cable and wire products

During the maintenance of cable lines (CL), they are periodically inspected in order to visually detect faults and defects. These defects and malfunctions, depending on their nature, are eliminated during routine maintenance. Today specialists of ZGM LLC are ready to offer the market not only sealants for mounting cable boxes, but also materials for their repair, as well as repair of the cable sheath - heat-shrinkable cuffs Abris and self-adhesive insulating tape Abris K with increased electrical strength. Cuffs Abris for cable sheath repair  are designed for quick and high-quality repair of damaged cable insulation, replacement and repair of damaged protective covers in heat-shrinkable couplings. 

Heat-shrinkable cuffs are a tape (part) made of radiation- or chemically modified polyolefin. One side of the tape is covered with a layer of self-adhesive plastoelastic polymer composition that provides adhesion to any materials. It smooths out irregularities and voids and guarantees complete sealing of the damaged area. The presence of a self-adhesive layer eliminates the use of stainless steel metal rods embedded in the edges of the cuff and fastening steel brackets, which facilitates the installation of the cuff on any damaged area without compromising its performance. Protective polyolefin wrap provides mechanical strength, UV and weather resistance to damaged areas. Cuffs can be cut into pieces of the required length at the installation site. Abris cuffs provide quick and easy installation.

Repair materials for cable and wire products

Abris tape for SIP repair. Another material for the repair of power cables in the Abris product line is the self-adhesive insulating tape Abris K-LB with increased electrical and mechanical strength, designed to restore and repair damage to the insulation of SIP wires, as well as sheaths of cables and wires for voltages up to 25 kV in one layer. The tape is made on the basis of ethylene-propylene rubber, self-adhesive during winding and forming a single monolithic structure. It has high electrical strength. Resistant to UV rays and weather conditions. The section of insulation restored with the Abris K-LB tape does not require mechanical or thermal action after winding. Allows you to seal parts of complex shape. Depending on the requirements for ensuring electrical strength, the tape can be produced in various thicknesses from 1 to 4 mm. Tape application does not require special equipment and additional auxiliary devices. During installation, it is necessary to remove the anti-adhesion paper and wind the tape under tension with a 50% overlap.

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