• 12.04.2022

April 12 – World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day

April 12 is a world holiday dedicated to the first human flight into Space. In 1961, the world's first flight, made by Yuri Gagarin, lasting only 108 minutes, became a confident first step in space exploration.

April 12 – World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day

Cosmonautics Day is the pride of our great country, the triumph of people who work in the space and aviation industry: scientists, testers, inventors and manufacturers of space technologies and materials.
The history of space exploration continues — satellites fly around the Earth, spacecraft have landed on the moon. A lot of new and interesting things are ahead, and let the achievements of the past serve as a good incentive for us to conquer new frontiers.

Be with us! Be on top! — the slogan of the Sealing Materials Factory. As you know, when conquering any peaks, reliable insurance is important.

Abris materials are reliable protection against the negative effects of natural and man-made factors, are used in all industries, have unique special properties (frost-resistant, hard-to-burn, heat-expanding, oil-resistant, etc.).

ZGM is actively developing and is always ready to help in solving complex and even space tasks.

We congratulate everyone on the World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day! We wish all colleagues successful work, economic stability, inextinguishable energy, new plans and professional achievements!


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