• 09.06.2022

Success is our main development

Technological equipment is an integral part of many enterprises in various industries. With the help of various types of equipment, both the processing of raw materials and the manufacture of products are carried out.

Success is our main development

Sealing Materials Plant produces materials that successfully compete with foreign analogues, which allowed it to resolutely join the import substitution program, which has been actively implementing for several years. To fulfill the plans and release competitive products, it is not enough to develop unique working technologies, modern equipment is needed.
In connection with the growing volumes, the company annually purchases the necessary equipment and devices. Serious modernization of equipment has been carried out since the beginning of last year. 

The following items were purchased: a pallet wrapper, a winding machine with a drive, an automatic line for the production of wide tapes and an automatic machine for cutting tapes into strips in hot and cold ways. With the help of the latest technology, working conditions have also been improved.

Since the beginning of 2022, new equipment has been purchased for the science and technology center and several production sites, which significantly affected the productivity and quality of products.

To determine the suitability of X-ray protective clothing and materials, high-precision equipment was purchased - a Flaw Detector. The installation allows obtaining visual information about the state of protective clothing or radiation-protective material, as well as obtaining information about the protective parameters of the material.

There is no such equipment in Russia, it is produced in the Republic of Belarus. For its competent operation, training is required on the territory of the manufacturer with the issuance of a certificate confirming the employee's admission to work. ZGM specialists have successfully passed this certification. The nearest plans of the scientific and technical center of ZGM include the use of this equipment for the development of new modifications of products with demanded special properties. As noted by the manufacturer's employees, ZGM is the first enterprise in Russia to purchase this exclusive equipment for these purposes.

The scientific and technical center of the plant is a generator of innovations and advanced developments. From the very foundation of the plant, the research and production laboratory began to be equipped with modern equipment and instruments for determining the physical and mechanical properties of developed and produced sealants.

To determine the main physical and mechanical indicators such as: bond strength with metal (with PE, with copper, etc.) during peeling, bond strength with concrete (with PE, etc.) during separation, relative elongation, tensile strength is used tensile machine model I11M. To determine the electrical strength of sealing materials, an AVIM-65 liquid dielectric apparatus was purchased. For the development and production of materials for the electrical industry, important indicators are "Dielectric Permeability" and "Dielectric Loss Tangent", their determination is carried out by an insulation parameter meter (AC bridge) Vector-2.0M. In conductive sealants, the main indicators are the specific volumetric electrical resistance, which can be determined by the E6-13A teraohmmeter.

The accuracy of the thickness of anti-corrosion protective coatings is determined by the multifunctional device Constant K5. To determine the Shore hardness of silicone-based radiation-protective materials, a portable device 2033 TIR is used.

The IMI-641 magnetic induction meter is designed to digitally measure the magnetic induction of constant magnetic fields in the gaps and surfaces of magnetic systems (including those with electromagnets), as well as to measure the residual magnetization of materials.

At the Bruel & Kjaer installation under normal temperature conditions at frequencies (20-1000) Hz, measurements of vibration-damping materials are carried out to determine the loss coefficient in the range (0.04-0.4) by the method of resonance curves.

A 3D printer is actively used to develop auxiliary materials from plastic.

The sealing materials production areas are also annually equipped with new high-precision equipment.

Purchased and installed equipment for automatic filling of tubes (cartridges). With a reduction in labor costs, the average output has doubled. The human factor of dosing error is excluded.

An automatic dispenser for liquid components (primers) was purchased. The dispenser is fully automatic. Its mobility allows you to carry out work in any convenient place.

Great prospects for active use are assigned to the glue machine for hot melt adhesive. At present, it is testing various brands of adhesives with application to various types of materials. In the near future, we plan to adapt this technology in the manufacture of products from the Abris product line.

An automatic system of cold fog formation began to be used in the rolling area. This implementation is aimed at reducing water consumption, and most importantly – safe operation of the operator.

The format-cutting machine is currently actively used for sawing small-sized material (glass-magnesian sheet), helping to significantly increase productivity, freeing up labor resources.

In the manufacture of certain types of products, the size of the fraction of a number of components is of great importance. Therefore, for high-quality grinding, a mill is used - a mill complex for minerals. The purpose of its use is to improve the quality of products.

Work on the modernization and automation of production is going on actively. The technological department has developed proposals that are currently at the stage of coordination and calculation of economic benefits.


Today, new technological equipment is robotic and automated machines with intelligent numerical control. They allow you to produce high results in the production of quality products, significantly reduce the time of its manufacture, while spending minimal effort.

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