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Vibration damping unit Abris VBD-1T

Section: Parts
Packaging: corrugated cardboard boxes
TU: 2513-003-52471462-2001
Welded thermoplastic material in the form of a part or a strip without an adhesive layer.

Vibration damping unit Abris VBD-1T

Application area:

 vibration and noise insulation of building structures, premises, various household and engineering equipment, vehicles (cars, buses, agricultural machinery, etc.), water vessels, etc.


Color: from brown to black

Product form: parts or tapes.

The vibration-damping block Abris VBD-1T is used in civil and housing construction, mechanical engineering (automotive industry, shipbuilding, etc.) as a vibration-noise-absorbing material.

The VBD-1T is a weldable material.

Main technical characteristics:

Material Welded thermoplastic material in the form of a part or a strip without an adhesive layer.
Coefficient of vibration damping at a frequency of 200 Hz 0,10
Plasticity in bending cracks and breaks are not allowed
Operating temperature from -60 °С to +160 °С
(short-term operation at 190 °C possible)
Yield resistance at 160 °С, 2h, mm, maximum 2
Storage conditions Store in the factory package in a dry room, avoiding direct sunlight. The shelf life is 24 months.

Method of application:

  1. Before using the unit, the work surface must be prepared - dried, cleaned from dirt and dust, and in winter from ice. From the rusty surface, remove the peeling outer layer of rust and traces of corrosion.
  2. Remove the anti-adhesive coating from the block;
  3. Lay the material to be welded on a horizontal surface or a surface with a slope of no more than 45 °С;
  4. Weld the block at temperatures up to 190 °C for 0.5 hours.

When working with the block, the use of special protective equipment for workers is not required.

Installation is carried out at an ambient temperature of at least plus 15 °C. When storing the unit at negative temperatures, before installation, the unit must be kept in a room with an air temperature of at least plus 15 °С for 24 hours.


Construction, shipbuilding.

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