• 21.11.2012

Conference "STROYGERMETIK - 2012"

Last week, on November 15-16, the III International, VII All-Russian scientific and technical conference "STROYGERMETIK - 2012" took place in Dzerzhinsk.


It was organized and carried out by the Sealing Materials Plant, headed by the Honorary Builder of the Russian Federation Galina Savchenkova. This event was held with the support of the Government of the Nizhny Novgorod Region and the Russian Union of Builders. The announced topic of the conference sounded more than topical: “Materials and technologies for protecting building structures from adverse environmental factors. Actual issues of production and application of sealing, waterproofing, anticorrosive and other insulating materials”, therefore, it is not surprising that “Stroygermetik – 2012” aroused great interest of specialists from all over Russia, as well as Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus.

Among the conference participants were "delegates" of research institutes, research and production firms, design and construction organizations, as well as direct manufacturers of sealing materials. It is noteworthy that in addition to the regular participants of the Stroygermetik conference, many newcomers came to the current one moreover, representing not only the construction industry, but also others. From the first minutes of the conference, it was clear that it was not just scientists, highly qualified specialists, professionals who gathered at it, but people who are very concerned about the current state of the construction industry, the quality of our facilities ...

Conference "STROYGERMETIK - 2012"

Some reports of the conference participants sounded like a real cry from the heart. These include speeches by Oleg Alexandrovich Lukinsky, professor of GASIS of the National Research University Higher School of Economics under the President of the Russian Federation, and Sergey Ivanovich Chernyuk, a member of the Union of Architects of Russia, director and chief architect of the design company Kvadrat-1 LLC. They clearly and boldly exposed the vices, wormholes of the industry close to all those present and once again made everyone think about the fact that it is possible to eradicate existing shortcomings and solve problems that are close to everyone only together. The participants of the conference gave a high appraisal of the organization and holding of "Stroygermetik - 2012" and almost unanimously said that such conferences are important and necessary.

Conference "STROYGERMETIK - 2012"

And what do the direct organizers of the conference think about this: are they not disappointed? “What are you, what a disappointment, on the contrary! - says the director Sealing Materials Plant  Galina Savchenkova. - We didn't expect our conference to be such a success. We were very pleased with the large number of its participants, including representatives of foreign companies. This indicates that people need communication, exchange of opinions. They are tired of the disunity that now exists in our professional sphere and are ready for a constructive dialogue. We are very glad that we have again become the platform where scientists, designers, material manufacturers got the opportunity to tell each other both about their achievements and aspirations, and exchanged views”.

Conference "STROYGERMETIK - 2012"

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