• 24.03.2014

Links of one chain

One of the components of successful work and a good reputation of almost any enterprise is not only its direct activity, but also the reliability of suppliers.

Links of one chain

These include: the quality of the raw materials and components supplied by them; prompt, timely response to orders; and even willingness to contain pricing policy. Such cooperation must be valued and held on to, which is what LLC "Sealing Materials Plant" does. The "Supplier's Day" in particular became evidence of our attentive attitude to our partners. It was attended by representatives of organizations from different cities of Russia.
The main questions were issues related to product quality, which are given great attention at ZGM. Even the motto of the company are the words: "Honesty and decency are the main components of the formulation of our sealants." 

However, the quality of these sealants largely depends on the raw materials from which they are made, the equipment on which they are produced. It is here that it is difficult to overestimate the role of suppliers. The exchange of opinions was very interesting.

Links of one chain

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