• 04.10.2022

Our plans are destined to come true

In order to maintain economic stability and confidently move forward, an industrial enterprise needs to quickly respond to changing market conditions and take appropriate measures: flexibly change the range and volume of products, rationally use existing areas, plan the construction of new production facilities in a timely manner, replace obsolete equipment with automated ones. lines, purchase high-precision equipment, etc.

Our plans are destined to come true

The plant of sealing materials is confidently moving forward at a set pace for many years and increasing its volumes every year. New materials have been developed, technologies have been developed and put into production. The assortment line has increased, attracting the attention of customers. All these factors led to a number of constructive actions.

In 2022, the plant has set itself several new tasks that are being systematically addressed. The scientific and technical center is equipped with high-precision equipment, production sites are equipped with new equipment. The question arose of expanding production facilities and preparing premises for new sites. “I took hold of the tug, don’t say that it’s not hefty!”, the proverb says. Active work has begun. At the beginning of the year, a decision was made to build a new warehouse for finished products, a construction plan was approved, and the territory was prepared. In the spring, the construction of a new hangar began, and in the summer shelving equipment was installed.

The construction is coming to an end, all the repair work has been completed, the premises for the staff have been decorated, the numbering of the warehouse has been completed, and the final touches have been left.

Soon its grand opening.

Upon completion of all work in this room, it is planned to move the warehouse. The vacated premises will be renovated and prepared for the launch of a new Abris molding line. Plans are destined to come true if you strive and make efforts.

No, we are not summing up the results, the end of the year is still far away, much can and should be done.

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